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Rodrigo de Souza Barroso
Rodrigo de Souza Barroso


Se presenta el 10 de noviembre (Salón Paralela 1)

Albert Einstein Hospital / São Paulo University Clinics Hospital / Flow Mentor.


Lymphoma cell-derived extracellular vesicles have been in focus due to its abilities to drive disease spread, inflammation, tumour immune escape and to change as disease progresses and after treatment. They are also now considered novel clinical tools for diagnosis, monitoring and to face chemoresistance. Extracellular Vesicles express surface markers and convey specific molecules in accordance with their cell of origin, an could be identified by some methods. One of the best is Flow Cytometry although isolation and characterization of the extracellular vesicles is yet about to be fully standardized. Nowadays we have available flow cytometers that can reliably identify very tiny particles as these extracellular vesicles, and translational medicine is about to be true in this field.

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