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Rodolfo Patussi Correia
Rodolfo Patussi Correia

Beckman Coulter

Se presenta el 10 de noviembre (Salón Paralela 2)

Laboratório Célula Diagnósticos (Campo Grande-MS, Brazil) / FlowMentor (São Paulo - SP / Brazil).


The workflow in clinical flow cytometry laboratories must be constantly reviewed to develop technical procedures that improve quality, productivity and reduce costs. First, the dry coating technology of monoclonal antibodies allowed the incorporation of DuraClone tubes in different approaches of clinical routine such as the screening of hematological malignancies and MRD assays. Second, the DxFLEX (a new clinical flow cytometry platform from Beckman Coulter), promotes the standardization with high sensitivity and configuration up to 13-colors. Aim: To show the performance and benefits of the Duraclone tubes in the diagnostic routine in comparison to traditional flow cytometry using liquid reagents. Results and Conclusions: This Duraclone has proved to be efficient with improvement in quality, productivity, standardization, and sustainability in clinical cytometry laboratories. In our experience, it represented an easiness of storage, rapid training of the technical staff, reduction in the instability of tandem fluorochromes in liquid cocktails, elimination the pipetting errors, a reduction in the loss of liquid antibodies due to expiration date, and a reduction in the need for reflex additional testing. Together with DxFLEX, these improvements could benefit the workflow and patients by enabling faster and accurate diagnoses using a higher quality and lower cost procedure.

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